Day: August 25, 2022

How to Subscribe to Daily Updates on Your Spaces AppHow to Subscribe to Daily Updates on Your Spaces App

Daily Updates

If you have ever wondered how to subscribe to daily updates on your Spaces app, the answer is simple. The app will notify you with a push notification every day. You can then tap the notification to invoke the Action intent. From there, you’ll follow a simple prompt to subscribe. The prompt appears mid-conversation or as a suggestion chip after you’ve finished a conversation. If you want, you can also schedule the updates to appear at a specific time of day, or any time.

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During the daily update, team members can reflect on their goals and their contribution to the common goal. It’s a great opportunity to give praise or feedback to people who have gone above and beyond. You can use emojis to show gratitude. If you’re the manager, you can also share your goals, which will help keep team members focused. However, it’s important to remember that feedback should remain private, while praise should be public. Click here –