Day: April 29, 2023

Solexx Greenhouse Kits – Durable, Energy Efficient and Easy to AssembleSolexx Greenhouse Kits – Durable, Energy Efficient and Easy to Assemble

solexx greenhouse kits

Invest in a solexx greenhouse to extend your growing season and help your plants become stronger, healthier and larger. Designed for home gardeners and commercial nurseries, solexx greenhouses are durable, energy efficient and easy to assemble.

The twin-wall insulated panels let in evenly diffused sunlight enhancing plant growth and improving plant health. Solexx panels have an R-Value of 7 and a U-Value of 3. This is significantly higher than polycarbonate and double that of glass. The flutes in the plastic also promote air flow and reduce condensation that can be a problem with some other greenhouse coverings.

Solexx panels are treated with a double UV inhibitor during the extrusion process and have a 10 year limited warranty against ultraviolet breakdown. They are easy to clean and do not scratch like polycarbonate. They are safe for children to touch and do not contain BPA’s found in polycarbonate.

Unleashing the Potential of Solexx Greenhouses: A Revolutionary Solution for Plant Enthusiasts

All Solexx models are freestanding and do not require site preparation or a special foundation, and assemble easily with simple tools. They are made of a pultruded composite material that is strong and has the look of steel, but will not rust. They are white in color, allowing more light to penetrate the greenhouse.

The base of each greenhouse is fitted with a door for ground up ventilation and a vent that closes automatically in response to temperature changes (no electricity required). A recommended accessory is the ventilating system from Schaefer Ventilation which includes a motorized exhaust louver vent (8″ vent, 760 CFM) with thermostat, wiring and mounting kit and a circulation fan.