Day: September 3, 2023

Mens SleepwearMens Sleepwear

Mens sleepwear  isn’t something that often gets talked about, but there is a wide range of styles out there for anyone who wants to wear their most comfortable PJs to bed. From silk sets to camisoles and lace nightgowns, there’s plenty of options available for anyone who wants to lounge in style.

Cotton is the most common choice when it comes to sleepwear, and for good reason. It’s a breathable fabric that can be found in a range of thicknesses to suit different climates and sleeping preferences. It’s also often a much more affordable choice than silk or cashmere, which makes it the obvious choice for most.

Sleeping in Style: A Comprehensive Guide to Men’s Sleepwear

Another popular choice for mens sleepwear is linen. Whether you choose a classic linen nightshirt or a full linen pajama set, you’ll find that it’s a fabric that many menswear aficionados love for its ability to keep them cool and relaxed in their sleep. The way that linen wrinkles also makes it a good choice for mens sleepwear because the wrinkles will naturally soften with each wear, which means your linen PJs are going to get even more comfortable as time goes on.

A lot of the best brands for mens sleepwear will also offer an excellent selection of different fabric choices. Turnbull & Asser, for example, offers a selection of silk men’s pajama sets and dressing gowns that have been worn by both royalty and celebrities, including the actors in the Kingsman films. The sweeping collar designs on their shirts and dressing gowns add a hint of elegance to the pieces, while attention to detail like angled pockets on their nightshirts and dressing gowns also help set them apart from their competition.