Women For Action Recreation All-Energy Vehicles (EVs) – The Fast-Growing Segment of the Automotive Industry

All-Energy Vehicles (EVs) – The Fast-Growing Segment of the Automotive Industry

What started as a trickle of niche EVs a few years ago has become the fastest-growing segment in the automotive industry. With the onset of tough new federal emissions standards, state-based clean air programs and plans for bans on internal combustion vehicles as early as 2030, automakers are turning more attention to their all-electric lineups.Resource: ev.com

Electric cars use electric motors for propulsion and draw power from a rechargeable high-capacity battery. The motors turn the wheels using mechanical energy generated by the electric generator, and there are typically 90% fewer moving parts than a gasoline-powered engine. EVs are also quieter, and they don’t emit harmful exhaust or carbon dioxide.

The Evolution of EV Technology: What’s Next for Electric Vehicles

Many of today’s electric vehicles can travel over 200 miles on a charge, and long-range models are suitable for daily commuting. Unlike gasoline-powered cars, EVs use regenerative braking to slow and recharge the batteries, lessening brake wear and tear.

Electric cars are increasingly offered in three-row SUVs, premium trucks and even sportscars. One of the most popular models is Tesla’s Model 3, which offers a wide range of features, a roomy interior and is available with front-wheel or all-wheel drive. Tesla’s Model Y SUV is another option for a mainstream all-electric vehicle, and both models are eligible for hefty federal EV tax credits.

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