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Should You Buy a Manual Or an Electric Standing Desk?Should You Buy a Manual Or an Electric Standing Desk?

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When you’re looking for a quality electric standing desk, you may be wondering whether to choose a manual or electric one. Manually adjustable desks are easy to assemble, move, and adjust. And unlike electrical models, they come in a lower price range. One reviewer found the manual adjustable model to be much more convenient than she had expected. She had previously experienced back problems and worked from home for many years during the pandemic.

Consider The Aesthetics And Materials

The Herman Miller Renew is an ultra-high quality electric standing desk with integrated cable management and a power cord that runs through the leg. Additionally, this model features high-quality finish on all surfaces. Herman Miller is a renowned office furniture brand and has been providing durable electric standing desks for many years. Its Renew model is the choice of tech companies and is designed for home office use. The Renew is a great option for anyone looking for an electric standing desk for their home office.

While manual crank-operated desks may seem appealing, the fact is that they’re more likely to break down and need to be repaired or replaced. Nevertheless, it is hard to beat the health benefits of standing for an extended period of time. Manual desks are also susceptible to mechanical failure, and the risk of mechanical breakdown means that many users aren’t getting enough of the health benefits of standing for prolonged periods of time. This makes the electric versions more attractive to those concerned with their productivity.