Women For Action Business Commercial Roof Types

Commercial Roof Types

There are three basic types of commercial roofs. The most common are low-slope and flat. Here is a quick look at these two main varieties. The low-slope roof is more economical and requires less material. The steep-sloped roof, on the other hand, requires more maintenance and can be costly to maintain. In most cases, a commercial building should go with a flat roof. This article will discuss the different types of commercial roofing and what each type has to offer.

How to Choose Commercial Roof Types

The most common type of commercial roof is the flat one. This is the most popular type because it requires less material and is easier to construct. Built-up roofing systems have alternating layers of asphalt or tar and supportive fabrics. These are the most expensive but also require the most maintenance. Some commercial buildings have both flat and pitched roofs. Some are made of the same material as residential buildings, while others are made from different materials. In general, the more cost-effective flat roof is the best option for a commercial building.

Thermoplastics and thermosets are two more common Commercial Roof Types. Thermoplastics are plastic-based materials that are ideal for large areas and have fewer seams. Shingles are commonly used on residential homes and come in many styles and colors. Most are made of asphalt, but there are also architectural shingles that are more durable and weatherproof. You should know the difference between the different types of roofs and decide which one is best for your business.

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