Women For Action health Finding Nurse Practitioner Proctors – Quick Guide

Finding Nurse Practitioner Proctors – Quick Guide

Finding nurse practitioner preceptors can be an overwhelming task. It’s the job of a nurse practitioner to provide guidance and knowledge to nursing staff that will enable them to provide better care to patients. A nurse practitioner is the equivalent of a doctor or dentist with specialized training in a particular medical field and is licensed by the state to practice as a nurse practitioner. Because of the need for these nurses, demand for them is expected to grow faster than the supply.

Finding Nurse Practitioner Proctors – Quick Guide

In order to find a qualified and desirable nurse practitioner, you need to check out your state’s board of nursing, or the department of health. Each state has its own laws regulating nurse practitioners, including the criteria for licensing, educational requirements and continuing education requirements. The National Council Licensure Examining Boards of Nursing or nCLN offers a database that you can access. Once you have located the nurse practitioner testing center in your state, look through the list of accredited schools.

If you don’t find one in your area right away, try contacting the state board of nursing. They will be able to tell you how many nurse practitioners there are in training at any given time and where they’re located. This makes finding nurse practitioner preceptors fast and easy because you can start the contact with them right away.

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