Women For Action health Health Retreat Victoria – Island Escape

Health Retreat Victoria – Island Escape

health retreat victoria

On Track Health Retreat is an expert health retreat Victoria located close to Melbourne for those of all ages, sizes, shapes and health levels who wish to lose fat, lose weight and transform their entire body. Beautifully situated opposite the scenic coastline in Torquay in the famous Peppers The Sands Resort this health retreat is designed to help you lose fat naturally with a thorough health camp programme… It offers a complete structured program that is fit for every age with a tailored menu designed around your specific needs and objectives. This health retreat is run by Marina Placzek and is dedicated to helping people transform their lives by improving overall health while also experiencing fun and rejuvenating activities. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that provides the ultimate opportunity to change your life.

Health retreat victoria – Beautifully situated opposite the scenic coastline

The beautifully positioned opposite the spectacular Torquay Ocean in Victoria allows you to discover the wonder and beauty of the natural world close up. The unique landscape is set against the backdrop of the Southern Cross Mountains which runs for half way through the resort whilst the landscape of Mt Monster looms just around the corner. As you explore the natural environment, enjoy the breathtaking views, get some incredible exercise and relax knowing you are only a short drive away from Mt Monster. On Track Health Retreat has many different activities including hiking, cycling, walking, mountain biking, kayaking, rock climbing, fishing and water skiing, making it the perfect destination for those looking to change their life. With a selection of accommodation options in both hotel groups and self-contained units, you can choose the type of stay which best suits you. In the hotel groups you have access to the spa, pools and other amenities so you won’t need to leave the grounds to get the most out of your holiday.


The wonderfully situated and designed Mountain Rail Trail makes this a fantastic destination for walking, cycling or hiking as it follows the Southern Cross Track, a World Heritage listed site. Take a detour to investigate the marvellous Georgian style town buildings and cafes which have been instrumental in the survival of the island’s culture since the Second World War. You will be well advised to do some research before deciding which accommodation option is best for you. As you embark on your wonderful retreat you may wish to take back some memories of your visit to Victoria and discover why this beautiful region is considered by many to be the highlight of Australia.

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