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Heavy Duty Rollers Wheels

Heavy duty rollers wheels are used for various applications. They help move heavy loads and are essential hardware for many industries. The wheels are available in different designs and sizes. They are typically attached to the bottom of carts and other material handling equipment.

What is load capacity on wheels?

Typically, heavy-duty caster wheels have a load-hauling capacity of 450-5000 pounds. Heavy duty rollers wheels with larger weight capacities are best for moving heavy objects, while smaller wheels are perfect for medium-weight items. Choosing a wheel requires consideration of several factors, such as the load-bearing capacity, the tread materials, and the safety factor.

Compared to the previous wheels, today’s casters are easier to maneuver through bumps and obstacles. Additionally, they reduce the effort needed to complete a task. These are great for construction sites and other areas where working is tough.

Industrial caster wheels are manufactured from high quality materials. For instance, steel C45 turned wheels have a flat tread and low rolling resistance. Besides, they offer a great impact strength and durability.

Extra heavy wheel casters are used in warehouses with large packages, or for freight operations. These types of casters are also useful in loading materials from vehicles.

Aside from being durable and tough, these wheels are resistant to abrasion. The wheels can be made of polyurethane or elastic rubber, in different Shore hardnesses. Polyurethane wheels can be used on floors without marking them. However, this does not mean they are suited for all applications.

Depending on the application, you can choose between fixed or swivel castors. Fixed castors are favored for traveling in a straight line. Compared to swivels, they have greater load capacity.

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