Women For Action Recreation How to Buy Electric Fence

How to Buy Electric Fence

When you buy electric fence, the first thing you’ll need is a unit called an energizer (or charger). This converts electricity from your main power source — a household AC current, a battery, a solar panel or a generator — into a series of high voltage pulses that last only a fraction of a second. The unit comes in various strengths based on how large an area you want to cover. URL https://fencefast.ca/collections/all-in-one-kits

The next item you’ll need is wire. This consists of a conductive mesh of woven wires with non-conductive plastic threads and is light in weight, yet highly powerful. You can use a simple steel wire for chickens or horses, but there are specialty conductors for cattle, goats and other animals available.

Wired for Security: Tips for Purchasing the Perfect Electric Fence

You’ll also need insulators, which attach to the conductor wire at each end of your fence, and poles to anchor the insulators in the ground. Wooden corner and end posts are best for a fence, but you can use concrete or PVC stakes in wet areas or sandy soils.

Once you have your corner and end posts in the ground, stringing the wire is a cinch. Start at a ceramic, doughnut-shaped end insulator on a braced corner or gate opening and reel out the line, fixing the insulators to each other and the posts as you go. Keep the wires taut, but not so tight that they break or kink.

Before you turn on the energizer, check your work with a voltmeter to make sure the lines are charged (and OFF, of course!). If the meter reads anything above 10,000 volts, it’s time to turn on the charger.

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