Women For Action Arts Street Photography Lightroom Presets

Street Photography Lightroom Presets

Whether you’re shooting on the streets or on your travels, these lightroom street photography presets will enhance your photos with a stunning aesthetic. From moody black and white compositions to washed-out film effects, this collection has something for everyone.

What are photographer presets?

The right color or B&W preset can make a difference in how your photos look, so you’ll want to choose one that suits the style of your shots. Some presets can boost contrast or saturation, while others add a tint to simulate old film or are more neutral and subtle. Some of them are even designed to be used with HDR photos, which are especially helpful for street photography because they can bring out a variety of details.

There are many great street photography presets to choose from, but these ones in particular are sure to impress:

Urban Warm has warm coffee brown hues that complement travel photos and urban street scenes. It’s also perfect for adding a touch of vintage to your images.

Rising Star creates a dark and mysterious effect for urban photos with a dramatic or moody motif. It’s ideal for capturing urban landscapes and scenic city shots, as well as making abandoned spaces more haunting.

This premium MOOD set contains 2 dark, 2 bright and 2 neutral presets that will help you achieve a cool urban desaturated and contrasted look. You can easily customize the colors by working with EXPOSURE, HIGHLIGHTS, CONTRAST, WHITES & BLACK. This set is currently 67% off and comes with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee so you can try them out with confidence!

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