Women For Action Blog The Jaguar E Type – A Review

The Jaguar E Type – A Review

jaguar e type

Jaguar’s e type jaguar has long been one of the world’s most revered cars. It was unveiled at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show and went on to become a sensation in the automotive world.

The car is an icon of the British automotive industry. Its svelte, streamlined design is a symbol of the modern era in the car industry and it remains a favourite with the motoring press.

But what makes the E-type so iconic isn’t just the looks, but also how it handles and how well it can perform. The car has a reputation for being one of the most reliable and capable sports cars ever made.

A Closer Look at the Design of the Jaguar E-Type

Despite this, it’s easy to forget that the E-type isn’t without its faults. It can suffer from oil leaks, overheating, poor heating, dodgy electrics and body parts falling off the road.

It is also a car that has to be driven hard in order to be efficient and reliable. The engine uses up a lot of oil and it can be hard to find good maintenance records for an E-type.

The E-type’s XK-engine is considered to be a ‘bulletproof’ engine, but this doesn’t mean that it’s a car for every owner. It does have its fair share of problems, but the vast majority of owners are happy with the car.

Although the E-type can be quite a challenge to drive, it’s a great car to enjoy if you want something that is both beautiful and functional. It’s also a car that will never become old-fashioned, which is a bonus for any collector or enthusiast.

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