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Thermoplastic Markings

Thermoplastic Markings

From pedestrian walkways and intersections to commercial parking lots, pavement markings are a key component to keeping traffic flowing smoothly on your property. When these lines and symbols begin to fade and wear, it can create dangerous driving conditions that lead to accidents.

Luckily, there is a durable solution: Thermoplastic Markings  Unlike traditional paint, Thermoplastic lasts six times longer, making it a cost-effective investment for business owners. It also allows for enhanced safety due to its highly reflective materials that allow for optimal visibility, especially at night and during bad weather conditions.

Green Roads: The Sustainability of Thermoplastic Markings

Thermoplastic is a powder that liquefies when heated, turning it into a smooth and bright material. It is then sprayed onto the surface and allowed to cool. This process forms a thicker, more durable line than standard traffic paint.

These thicker lines are more visible than traditional paint, even in the darkest nights and worst weather conditions. This enhanced visibility helps prevent accidents and reduces the number of vehicles that are forced to slow down or stop because they don’t see a warning sign.

Preformed thermoplastic is available in various color options for different road and pavement needs. It can be used to mark the same kinds of lines and symbols as liquid thermoplastic, but it is easier to apply because the contractor simply needs to heat the rolled-out marking and then apply it to the surface.

This product is perfect for centerline, edge-line and skip-line applications and is available in hydrocarbon formula and alkyd formulations. It can also be installed in profile configurations that provide enhanced wet-night visibility and audible warnings for improved safety measures.

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