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Vital Nutrients BCQ Review

vital nutrients bcq

Vital nutrients bcq is an anti-inflammatory formula that supports healthy joints and bones. It contains a blend of Boswellia serrata gum extract, bromelain, curcumin, and quercetin.

This BCQ is a great vital nutrients bcq to standard anti-inflammatory medications, which can have side effects. These ingredients and antioxidants can reduce minor aches and pains, promote a healthy inflammatory response, prevent cancer and other inflammatory conditions, and also support healthy digestion.

The BCQ formula is also known to reduce substance P levels in the body, which are a chemical that is secreted by nerves and inflammatory cells. Substance P is often associated with increased feelings of pain, as well as enhanced inflammation and a response to trauma.

Aside from being a safe and effective supplement, the BCQ is also eco-friendly. It is made with temperature stable plastic that uses less energy and transportation fuel to manufacture.

BCQ: The Natural Solution for Pain and Inflammation by Vital Nutrients

Moreover, it is packaged in a BPA-free bottle. This is done to protect the product and keep it from being damaged during shipping.

In addition to that, the Vital Nutrients facility uses indoor and outdoor lighting that is motion controlled, which helps reduce the company’s energy consumption. It is also a temperature controlled building.

The Vital Nutrients supplements are all gluten free, GMO free, and are packaged in BPA-free bottles. They use capsules instead of tablets to reduce the amount of ingredients in their products. They also use the smallest bottle possible to save on packaging materials and reduce waste.

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